Avoiding Algae in Swimming Pools

Many poolowners frequently fight algae; this guide may help you with stay out of the battle!

The Primary Causes of Swimming Pool Algae

All sorts of possible causes of algae are detailed here, and in the connected pages. But, the most problems with algae can be related to a few things. (This discussion relates primarily to chlorine pools)

  1. Failure to maintain adequate levels of chlorine.
  2. Stabilizer buildup from use of dichlor, combo shocks, trichlor based shocks and the like.
  3. Nitrogen buildup or other chlorine consuming/defeating build up from combo shocks, cheap algaecides, clarifiers and the like.

With respect to many swimming pool chemicals sold today, less is more. The less you use, the better your pool will run. Every time you add something to your pool that you didn't really need, you increase your risk of problems of all types.

Today's pool chemical company marketing programs are dedicated to convincing you that more is more. And, they are right: more chemicals means more money for them, and more problems for you . . . which leads to more money for them.

But, the bottom line is that you'll never escape from the cycle of dependence on the products the pool chemical companies want to sell you, and the problems caused by those products . . . unless you learn to test and manage your own pool's chemistry. The entire pool chemical testing/computer analysis/'custom dosing chart' package is designed with one overarching purpose in mind: to make certain you leave the store with an armful of chemicals.

Until you are ready to learn to test and manage it yourself, you'll remain the pool chemical companies' victim.

Steps Toward AVOIDING Swimming Pool Algae

Swimming Pool Algae AVOIDANCE Steps for ALL Pools

Swimming Pool Algae AVOIDANCE Steps for Brominated Pools

Steps for PHMB Pools (Baquacil, SoftSwim, PolyClear, etc.)

Steps for Copper Treated Pools (Nature2, Ionizers, Pristine Blue, etc.)

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