How to Test Your Pool without a Good Testkit

MI'm going to combine and edit several posts from WaterMom, CarlD and others, but for now here's WaterMom's version:

Dilution Testing your Swimming Pool

Every pool owner needs a good test kit, no matter how large or small your pool is. We recommend the Taylor K-2006 or 2006c. (See Amazon order links: It has a FAS-DPD kit that will allow you to test much higher than the 5.0ppm that most cheaper kits limit you to. But, if you don't have a good test kit and need a temporary way to get a reading when your chlorine is high, there is a dilution method you can use that we call the "CarlD shotglass method." Directions are below.

If that doesn't take it high enough for you to get a reading, use one part pool water and two parts distilled and then multiply by 3, etc. The dilution method does lose accuracy with each dilution but it is better than nothing when you have no other way to get a reading with such a high cl.

This method should only be considered a temporary aid until you can get a good kit. It is NOT super accurate and is not something you should rely on for an extended time period.

Keep in mind that phenol red testing is reliable only when chlorine levels are below 5 ppm (15 ppm, with Taylor kits) due to the way chlorine affects the phenol red indicator.

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