Polyquat algaecide for Swimming Pools

Since I wrote this page, several years ago, polyquat has become increasingly difficult to find locally. However, Amazon has begun selling pool chemicals, and currently (June 2012) has 3 brands of 60% polyquat available, for $17 - $26 per quart. Regardless of brand, 60% polyquat is all the same stuff.

Generally, higher chlorine is the best way to control or kill algae. But, occasionally, an algaecide can help. There's really only one product that you can use without risking some rather nasty side effects, including pool stains, green hair, problems with combined chlorine, or disappearing chlorine, and so one.

Polyquat is a product made by one -- and only one -- company, and it's NOT HTH, as illustrated here.

However, I've seen the HTH brand 60% product sold at WalMart and KMart for as little as $12.75 per quart, which is a fantastic price. Remember to purchase the 60% product!

Pool store and catalog prices tend to run $18 - $20.

Buckman Laboratories, in Memphis, TN, makes all the polyquat sold in the US, regardless of the label. Arch(HTH), BioLab (Bioguard, Omni, Pool Time, Aqua Chem, Sun, many others), LaPorte (Robarb, etc.) ALL simply repackage -- and possibly, dilute -- what Buckman makes.

But, reading the label is critical. Polyquat is cheapest sold as undiluted from the concentration supplied by Buckman: 60%. So, check the label. If it says:

poly [oxyethylene (dimethyliminio) ethylene (dimethyliminio) ethylene dichloride]

it's polyquat, no matter what else it says!

Just in case you aren't sure, you can check the side label for the ingredient name:

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