Ultra Bleach in Swimming Pools

In many parts of the country, plain 5.25% household bleach is the cheapest, and sometimes the easiest, way to chlorinate your pool. What you want is plain, generic bleach -- no scent, no easy pour spout, no national brand. Clorox used to be an acceptable source of bleach, but they've begun trying to 'spice' up the brand, by adding this and that to their bleach. As a result, you should AVOID the Clorox brand product, and select a store brand instead.

Ultra comes in two basic flavors: 'no-goo', and more expensive OR 'with-goo' and more expensive. But, if you can't find plain bleach, here's your photo guide to Clorox Ultra, in both the gooey and non-gooey flavors!

Bleach with 'no-goo'

'No-goo' bleach

Here's your basic, 'no-goo' bleach Ultra bleach. It's just like old Clorox, but is more expensive (30% - 50%) and more concentrated (15% -- 6% vs. 5.25%).

I have no clue how they came up with the "33% more loads" stuff.


Just in case you aren't sure, you can check the side label for the ingredients. At least at present (April 2001) only the 'no-goo' bleach has this exact list, showing 6% sodium hypo and 94% inert.

And, bleach with 'goo'

Bleach with "Rain-Clean" 'goo'

I have no idea what the goo is that makes this bleach "rain clean" -- but until I do, I recommend that you NOT put it into your pool.




Bleach with "Fresh Wildflower" 'goo'



And, finally, bleach with 'Thicker goo'



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