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PoolSolutions' tips are topical, pointed, and short articles addressing particular issues of swimming pool care. Our guides are more comprehensive explanations of how to do, or understand, something pool related.

We have two tips pages -- many people work their way through both of them: 10 pool tips and even more pool tips. But the tips emerged in response to questions people asked. Since 1996, we've focused PoolSolutions on giving pool users information that will help them swim more and work less. Some of our tips simply report information that any competent pool builder or dealer would provide, such as warning you "don't drain that liner swimming pool". Other tips tell you how to avoid some of the gotcha's that come with expensive products dealers like to sell. For example, our "once a bromine pool, always a bromine pool" explains what happens when you add bromine to a chlorinated pool, or use one of the bromide based "chlorine boosters: it's probably not what you expect.

The tips offer people a bit-at-a-time approach to changing their thinking about swimming pool care. For many people, new ideas are easier to digest that way.

But, if you'd rather take a somewhat more comprehensive and systematic approach, you can take a look at our listing of guides and FAQs.

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